Investment management is the prudent allocation of your financial resources in order to achieve your financial goals.  Proper design, implementation, and management of your investment portfolio is critical to your financial success and security.

D. A. Flowers & Company provides investment management services on a fee only basis.

Our fundamental investment philosophy has three tenets:

  • Diversification, 
  • Minimize Costs, and
  • Minimize Taxes.

In practice, this translates into a low turnover, tax efficient strategy. Fees and trading costs are taken into account when selecting investments.

D. A. Flowers & Company utilizes a Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) approach to investment management. A diversified portfolio of up to ten different asset classes is combined to maximize returns for each given level of risk. A mean-variance optimization framework is employed taking into account the correlations and covariance of the different asset classes.

Risk preferences are established during the planning process or on a stand alone basis for non-planning clients. Target allocations are established based on the MPT model and the risk preferences agreed to by the client. Investments may consist of individual stocks; active mutual funds; index mutual funds; Exchange Traded funds and individual bonds. The mix of securities will depend on each client’s goals, preferences and situation.

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